Our sister company, Inspirwood, has the ability to supply a complete full colour printing onto wood service. They specialise in bespoke and trade printing on wood and making high quality, unique and sustainable wooden printed products that you won’t find anywhere else!

Printing on wood started when we were doing some design work for a client and we were given some wood to do something with. Realising that this ultimate sustainable resource was unique and fun to work with, we created Inspirwood to meet demand for clients wanting more and more environmentally friendly ways of promoting their business.

Inspirwood is just another part of Inspirations, but printing on wood has become part of our company dna

Today, printing on wood is one of our main parts of the business and we are the UK’s only wood print specialists. Using our unique blend of state-of-the-art printing machines, carpentry, laser cutting and CNC techniques, our design team can help make it happen.

Working seemlessly, between design agency work and then producing in-house works to compliment both areas of our business giving us a very strategic edge.

We work with all kinds of businesses from Design, Marketing and Events companies, to Retail,  Manufacturing and Artists.

For more information about our in-house wood printing services visit,